Style, hospitality, food, and entertaining are important aspects of my life; each framed within the context of a small-town upbringing, city life, and travel. The variety I have experienced has given me a unique perspective. I appreciate both the classic and cutting edge element; an eclectic mixture. My aesthetics are rooted in quality ingredients, organic floral designs, and creativity that is open but tastefully restrained.

I am positive and dependable, driven but calm, and the person in the room who can and will deal with the stress and unexpected twists and turns that inevitably arise from an inherently emotional event. I listen to the vision of design that you desire and bring it to life. I put flesh to bone. I create beauty. I make things happen.

Meet Martha


It thrills me to incorporate the little touches that are unique to the bride and groom and their families. There are never too many personal details to incorporate into the wedding.

It's the little touches


I like to think of design being guided by ways to “create experiences”. Quality over quantity, all day long.

Create experiences


I love the brainstorming and the “dream big” step that is the beginning of all wedding planning. 

dream big


A few things I believe ...

Foraged Elaeagnus greenery is my calling card.

All things beautiful


I love when the newly married couple is introduced and the guests clap and cheer!

THe applause


I thrive on a “sound” wedding weekend timeline but can be quick on my feet, calmly handling any unplanned surprises.

timeline, timeline, timeline



the portfolio


Ready for more pretty? 


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